With half of my 2020 weddings rescheduling to 2021, and then a whole bunch of amazing new 2021 couples also booking with me- 2021 is going to be the busiest year of weddings that I’ve ever had. So here I am, blogging one of the first weddings of the year with the best intentions to keep up with posting my favorite weddings and sessions as the year goes on! We will have to see how that goes but here’s to 2021 being the best year yet.

This is what I send my couples a day or 2 after the wedding so they get a good amount of wedding pictures back and a good idea of what the whole gallery will look like! I don’t want your sneak peeks to be 5 pictures I know you have so many parts of the day that you’re probably dying to see!! Here is Alli and Riley’s New Year’s wedding in downtown Cleveland!