The story of how I ended up at this wedding is a long and fun one. My husband Mitch and I were in Montana for a wedding in June of 21 and went into a photographer’s gallery space. We saw a picture of the bright yellow fall trees in the Tetons and asked the photographer when he took that. He told us that the best week to go to see colors like that was the last week of September. We went and got lunch after being in the gallery and I looked and flights for that week to the tetons were only $200. This was insane because usually flights out to MT, WY are at least $700 and go up from there! So we randomly booked flights on the spot to go out and see the fall colors. Jump ahead a month to July, and my friend Katie, who had gotten engaged in January texts me and says planning a wedding is stressing her out, she just wants to elope, before the end of the year, somewhere out west in some mountains. I told her that it was really soon, but we were going to the tetons the last week of September. And it was really that simple, they booked an Airbnb, she got a dress and some flowers, we got approval to hold the wedding at The Wedding Tree in the Grand Tetons, and her brother go ordained!

Elopements are amazing because they can be whatever you want them to be. This day was perfect, getting ready at the air bnb, then to The Wedding Tree for the ceremony, then to Schwabacher’s Landing for wedding photos, and ending with their first dance at an overlook spot off the side of the main highway. We went back to the house for speeches and dinner and drinks and the whole day was relaxed and perfect. Not about a big production, just about their love and making memories in an amazing location.