Stone Valley Meadows Winter Wedding

I am a huge fan of winter weddings. I had my wedding on February 1st, 2020 and there was something about how everyone had been cooped up all winter long that made everyone SO ready for an excuse to party and celebrate and it was such a fun time and I see that same energy at so many winter weddings! Although taking pictures outside can be very cold, we can do it quickly and go back in to warm up and the low light of winter always looks amazing in pictures and at least everyone’s not sweating in 90 degree summer humidity!

Ashley and Chad got married at Stone Valley Meadows, north of Cincinnati, OH. This is a new venue that was just completed in September 2020 and I can tell that the owners thought through so many things. There’s a bridal suite in the main space, perfect so the bride can keep an eye on the room below transforming into her dream wedding, and a grooms sweet a few yards away. That’s perfect so that they can hang out and get ready and not worry about seeing the bride before she’s ready! There is a great speaker system already installed for the DJ to just plug right into, photo spots around the property that are perfectly positioned for good lighting, and so many more gorgeous details. Photographing Ashley and Chad’s wedding was so much fun!