I'm 29 years old, living in Toledo, OH and am a full time wedding photographer. 
It's not lost on me that getting chosen to photograph the day 2 people promise forever to each other is a big deal.
Finding new ways to document love, emotion, connection, and relationships constantly inspires me. I want you to get your gallery back and be able to feel every feeling all over again, get the butterflies and the goosebumps and happy tears every time you flip through your gallery.  
Let's get creative, let's bring your pinterest boards to life, let's go on an adventure. Let's do this thing! 

Hi, I'm Eden

My husband Mitch

It's not an about me page without and about us section because the chances of Mitch being there on your wedding day are high.
He does videography, he second shoots, he carries gear, he's the best business partner I could ever ask for! 
We've been married for over 3 years, and we have 2 husky's named Grayson and Kona.
We love: camping, hiking, kayaking, chipotle, and warm weather. Mitch is the outgoing to my homebody, and I'm the planner to his go-with-the-flow.  

the warrens

Think of it more as a fun date night than a super posed photoshoot! Half of my job is making sure you're comfortable and having fun during our session. I like to think of "posing" in 2 parts- the first part being posed portraits, I like to get a few of these out of the way near the begining of a shoot to give you direction and get you comfortable! The other half is me stepping back, and letting your love and natural interaction shine. I like to give some subtle prompts for this or place you in good lighting, but don't want to ask you to do things that you would never do either, so I like to keep the direction minimal and let you just interact and have fun :) 
*everyone always swears they're awkward and the pics always turn out great! 

01. We don't know how to pose and are soo awkward! Can you help?

I do sneak peeks for weddings within 3 days of the event, and the full gallery/videos/everything within 8 weeks of the event. 
For sessions I deliver the gallery within 2-3 weeks of the session and don't do sneak peeks for sessions! 

2. How long will it take for me to get photos back? Do I get sneak peeks? 

As is industry standard, I don't deliver any unedited/raw images :)  I spend hours sorting through images, editing and perfecting them before I ever deliver them to you so you only see a beautiful finished product! For sessions and weddings I deliver all the images that are good, with the exception of duplicates! Usually for an hour session this is around 75-150 images and for an 8 hour wedding day anywhere from 600-1000 images.

03. Do I get the unedited images?