Below are questions that I get asked often. I'm sure you're looking through a bunch of different websites, and are a little stressed out trying to make the right decision. I am not here to try and convince you that I am better than anyone else, but my hopes for this website is that I put a piece of myself out there, explain how I create, and that I can find people that are the perfect match for me and what I do!

If the perfectly posed, every hair in place in every photo, cheesing at the camera style is what you're looking for, we might not be the perfect fit. I will take some photos like that (I know, your grandma wants that facing the camera smiling photo in a frame on her wall) but I want to do so much more, During a wedding day my approach is to tell the story of the day. Let the events unfold and capture the moments genuinely first, and step in an pose you when needed too. My approach for posing at sessions is below!

All your questions: answered!

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Ready to book?

I don't deliver any unedited images :) Part of the reason you are hiring me is because I spend hours sorting through images, editing and perfecting them before I ever deliver them to you. For sessions and weddings I deliver all the images that are good, with the exception of duplicates! Usually for an hour session this is around 75-150 images and for an 8 hour wedding day anywhere from 600-1000 images.

Question 5: Do I get the unedited images? How many images will I receive? 

My packages for full wedding days start at $2750. Package prices go up from there depending on what you want to add on (videography, second shooter, physical prints etc.!) Reach out to me on the Contact Me Page for my full pricing guide. 

Question 4: What do you charge? 

Yes!! I do sneak peeks. I send a small gallery of a good selection of images from the most important moments of the day within 3 days of the wedding. I remember the feeling after my own wedding of DYING to see what even 1 photo looked like and I know you will be feeling the same! The full gallery of images is delivered 2 weeks after a session and 6-8 weeks after a wedding. Sneak peeks for sessions are a little informal and usually is just me texting you a photo or two so you can see what they look like and get excited for the full gallery! 

Question 3: How long will it take to get my pictures back? Will I get sneak peeks? 

Editorial, images that tell a story, warm, candid and fun! I use the same base preset when I edit but I tweak it to fit each wedding and session! I also will make sure your wedding day colors look like your colors (that you spent so much time picking out!) and not warped by my editing style. Take a peek at my portfolio page or the slideshow on my home page for examples of my work and to get a good feel for my editing style! 

Question 2: How would you define your photography style? 

During your session, I will pose you, and direct you with fun actions that will get natural reactions out of you! Having a big camera on you will probably be a bit intimidating for the first few minutes but we will also hang out, walk and talk and have a good time not taking photos 100% of the session so you can relax and have fun too :) I also usually recommend getting a drink or 2 first if that's your thing to calm your nerves! (Also feel free to invite me along on said drinks- I'll buy and we can get be friends by the time we start taking pictures! 

Question 1: We don't know how to pose and are soo awkward! Can you help?