Lake Michigan Elopement

My husband Mitch and I decided on a destination/elopement wedding. He does videography with me so after being at big weddings almost every weekend of our lives, having seen all the venues 10 times over and having it all feel a bit repetitive to us, we knew we wanted to do something different. In January of 2020 us along with the 15 people we love most flew to Hawaii, spent a week there going on the most amazing adventures and then got married at the end of the week. I absolutely cannot recommend doing a wedding like this!

Abbey and Jake are proof that you don’t need a 14 hour flight to the middle of the Pacific to get the same fundamental outcome. A week away with family, an intimate wedding by the water, and a truly unique wedding experience. I was so determined to photograph more weddings like this after my own wedding, so getting the inquiry for Jake and Abbey’s wedding was such a dream come true. I could go on for days about intimate weddings, why they are so amazing and meaningful and why I love them so much but I think I’ll let the photos take it from here. If you’re planning an intimate wedding or elopement please reach out to me and let’s make some magic!