Annika and Caleb got married the last weekend of October, which is always one of my favorite weekends of the year. It typically is the perfect temperature, and most years are when the fall foliage is the most vibrant in Northern Ohio. This year a lot of the leaves blew off a little earlier but […]

Scarlet Oaks Fall Wedding

February 4, 2023


Gordon Green Wedding

February 3, 2023

I am so obsessed with the new(ish) Gordon Green venue in Cleveland, OH! It is similar to a lot of other open industrial style spaces but I love the warmth from the wood floors as opposed to cement flooring that a lot of similar venues have. It is big enough also to have the ceremony […]

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I was talking to my sister recently and she asked me if after so many years doing so many weddings if everything looks the same or if I still get to experience unique things. Immediately this wedding came to mind and after a bit of reflection I realized that what makes weddings truly unique are […]

Old West End Wedding

August 4, 2022


Rocky Mountain Elopement

June 22, 2022

Alex and Aaron had a big traditional wedding planned but between the how unsure everything was with covid last year, and the stress of wedding planning, they decided to elope instead! They got a permit for a 3M Curve wedding and I was so excited to get to go and be their Rocky Mountain National […]

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When I was recently in Maui I got to meet up with the amazing Abbey Rice who is also a wedding photographer and take some anniversary photos of her and her husband Matt. The sun, the sand, the beautiful location and their love all came together and made some serious magic! Maui Wedding Photographer Maui […]

Maui Anniversary Session

June 22, 2022


Greenhouse Loft Wedding Chicago

March 19, 2022

I recently took a trip for this amazing wedding shoot at Greenhouse Loft in Chicago! Greenhouse Loft is an amazing new venue in Logan Square that has huge windows, amazing lighting and great indoor and outdoor space. The tables and chairs are so adorable and the space is a blank slate! They also have a […]

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This wedding was supposed to happen in May, but because the couple got dream job offers in Nashville, they moved it up to January! We got a huge snow storm the morning of the wedding but that left us with a blanket of fresh snow! I love winter light so even though it can be […]

Creekside Acres Wedding

March 15, 2022


Ohio Film Wedding Photographer

March 14, 2022

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Ohio who shoots film, I am your girl! I started shooting film in late 2020. I randomly came across a youtube video of someone shooting film photography in Iceland and was immediately obsessed with the idea, bought a ton of film and so many different kinds of […]

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I am a huge fan of winter weddings. I had my wedding on February 1st, 2020 and there was something about how everyone had been cooped up all winter long that made everyone SO ready for an excuse to party and celebrate and it was such a fun time and I see that same energy […]

Stone Valley Meadows Winter Wedding

February 13, 2022


Tetons Elopement

December 22, 2021

The story of how I ended up at this wedding is a long and fun one. My husband Mitch and I were in Montana for a wedding in June of 21 and went into a photographer’s gallery space. We saw a picture of the bright yellow fall trees in the Tetons and asked the photographer […]

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