West Village Manhattan Engagement Session

Meghan is a friend of my best friend and I got to meet her last fall when we all took a road trip to Vermont together. Her fiancee Ryan couldn’t make it on the trip but I felt like I knew him from all the things she told me about him, and I knew we’d all get along great because we have so much in common. Meghan runs a business curating vintage items for events, loves gardening, and her sweet dog Asher. I got to take some engagement photos for the two of them in the West Village in Manhattan, a neighborhood in New York that we both love, and it turned out to be the most amazing sunny Sunday of grabbing coffee and bagels and tea at Paquita Tea Shop.

If you’re ever nervous about being in front of the camera, the best way to not feel as nervous is to incorporate something you love and something that feels natural to be doing into the photo session whether it’s having a drink, walking your dog in a favorite spot, strolling through a familiar part of town, or even doing an activity you love like painting or bowling – giving yourself something to do will not only help you feel more comfortable but will also make the photos that much more meaningful. As time passes you’ll have that little time capsule of photos of doing something you love at this point in your life. For Meghan and Ryan that’s going to NY on a weekend day to grab great food and have a stroll around 🙂